Our pharmacy programs provide a strong foundation in pharmaceutical basics while cultivating scholars in both fundamental and applied research methods.

Why Pharmacy at UMB

Engaging student pharmacists in problem-solving, critical thinking, and continuous self-assessment, our pharmacy programs prepares you for a career where you'll play pivotal roles in interprofessional teams. With collaborative group work and access to nationally and internationally renowned faculty along with cutting-edge technology, our curriculum offers an environment primed for career advancement in the field of pharmacy.

Our research endeavors embrace interdisciplinary collaboration, offering students access to cutting-edge facilities encompassing nanobiotechnology, mass spectrometry, computer-aided drug design, and translational medicine centers. Among our diverse research focuses are comparative effectiveness and patient-centered outcomes research, pharmaceutical policy, cannabis therapeutics, pharmacoeconomics, pharmacoepidemiology, drug formulation, drug transport and delivery, industrial pharmaceutical research, and translational and regulatory sciences.


    Enhance your educational journey with our distinguished faculty, consisting of accomplished scholars and experienced pharmaceutical professionals. Tap into their extensive knowledge and practical wisdom as they lead you through our comprehensive programs, resulting in transformative learning experience that equips you for success in the ever-evolving realm of pharmacy.

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