Graduate Education for Today’s Learner

Welcome to the University of Maryland, Baltimore Graduate School, where academic excellence meets modern flexibility. With over 50 Ph.D., Masters, and Certificate programs, we offer a diverse range of opportunities for aspiring scholars and professionals. Our programs, focused on biomedical, health, and human service sciences, are designed to meet the demands of these vital and fast-growing sectors. 

One of the elements that sets us apart is our commitment to flexibility. Many of our programs are available online or in hybrid formats, allowing students to balance education with their busy lives. Our user-friendly Program Explorer helps you find the perfect fit based on your preferences, whether it's Program Type, Delivery Method, or Academic or Professional interest. 

Earn Your Degree in a Collaborative Environment

In addition to flexibility, our program portfolio emphasizes interdisciplinary learning and collaboration. We offer dual degrees with UMB’s professional schools, fostering a holistic approach to education, and engage in inter-institutional studies in fields like biochemistry and gerontology, enriching the academic experience. 

At the University of Maryland, Baltimore Graduate School, we provide a supportive community, dedicated faculty, and a wealth of resources. Your journey to success begins here, where education meets your needs and ambitions. Explore our programs and embark on a transformative educational adventure with us.