Health Professions Education

Our Health Professions Education Career Path addresses the shortage of health professions faculty locally and nationally.

Why Health Professions Education Careers at UMB

Our faculty includes top-tier experts with extensive experience across disciplines such as educational psychology, physical therapy, social work, instructional design, and educational technology. Their diverse backgrounds and research interests enrich our training, covering topics like faculty learning communities, interdisciplinary education, and the nexus of health and behavioral health. Moreover, many of our faculty have held leadership positions in academic and professional settings, underscoring their dedication to elevating health professions education.

Our programs offer extensive research opportunities, focusing on advancing academic theory and designing effective curricula. Collaboration in interdisciplinary research fosters interprofessional cooperation, while leadership development prepares for roles in higher education and healthcare. Using evidence-based methods, participants enhance teaching quality, refine programs, and engage globally to improve health professions education.

Our programs offer advanced insights into health professions education, covering key areas such as learning strategies, curriculum design, and evidence-based teaching methods. Participants develop skills in interprofessional teamwork and analytical thinking to improve educational programs and institutional effectiveness. Those focusing on educational research refine their ability to formulate research questions and proposals, while those in educational leadership gain expertise in leading higher education institutions within the health professions.


    Our distinguished faculty, composed of accomplished scholars and experienced healthcare professionals, will guide your educational journey. Drawing from their expertise, they'll steer you through our comprehensive programs, preparing you for success in educational research and leadership roles within healthcare and medical organizations.

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