Graduate School Online Admissions Application Instructions

Welcome to Our Online Application Process!

Please read all instructions below before completing your online application. We suggest that you reserve about 30 minutes to complete the online application. You will create a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and Password. Your PIN and Password enable you to return to your application as many times as you wish before your final submission to the Graduate School.

All of your information is transmitted through a secure server and is kept fully confidential. Your application information and accompanying credentials are reviewed by faculty admissions representatives of the department to which you are applying as well as by members of the Graduate School staff.

General Guidelines

Before completing the online application, please review Graduate School admissions requirements and guidelines in the "Admissions" section of the Graduate Catalog at:

You are also encouraged to review departmental requirements and guidelines at:

In addition to completing the online application information, you are required to submit the following items as part of your application for admission:

Letters of recommendation, and resumes and vitas are to be mailed directly to the program or department to which you are applying. Application fees (if not paid online), official transcript/mark sheets, and official test score reports must be mailed directly to the Graduate School.

Application for admission deadline dates, including deadline dates for the receipt of all required materials, are posted here [pdf].

Instructions for Applying OnLine

  • Once you log into the online application following the instructions provided by the "First Time Applicants Click Here" link, you will first select an 'Application Term' and an 'Applicant Type' from the drop-down menus; the 'Applicant Type' is the degree program to which you are applying.
  • In addition to selecting your program or Application Type you must select a specialty or concentration. You will select a major and a concentration from the Planned Course of Study drop-down menu.
  • Follow the online instructions for completing the remainder of the application; be sure to complete each section of the application under the 'Application Checklist'
  • If you are applying to more than one graduate program you must exit SURFs and then log back in using your PIN; select 'New' under the Application Menu and then complete another application selecting a different Application Type (i.e., program). You must pay an additional application fee for each program applied to.
  • Be sure to use the same PIN and password when applying to more than one program; do not apply for the same program twice.

Final Notes and Reminders about the Online Application

You may stop and save your work to continue at a later time while completing the online application. Please note, however, your application will not be reviewed or considered until it is submitted successfully, nor until all required items are received and the $75 fee is paid.

You may also check the status and progress of your application online by logging back into SURFs from the ‘Click Here to Begin the Process’ link. Make sure you use the same PIN and password each time you log-in. Applicants to other degree programs at UMB select the appropriate 'Application Type' or contact the appropriate admissions office for further information.

Non-degree applicants and ‘dual-degree program’ applicants may not use the online application. Click here to link to the non-degree (coursework only) dual-degree program application.

Before you click the ‘Submit’ button of your online application print each page for your records. Write down your PIN and keep it in a secure place for future reference when checking the status of your application


While you may check the status and progress of your application online by logging back into SURFs, you may not make further modifications (changes, additions, etc.) to it online once it has been electronically submitted to the Graduate School. Any corrected or additional information needs to be sent to the Graduate School via postal mail or email at Please do not attempt to update your application by re-submitting it again.

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